Tips On Searching For Pune Properties Online

Kishor PateKishor Pate, CMD – Amit Enterprises Housing Ltd.

The days when the only approach for prospective homebuyers to find a suitable property in Pune was to contact a broker are long over. Of course, personal inspection of a property is still necessary before the final purchase. However, the Internet has made the actual process of short-listing the best options very easy.

Today, more and more people looking for flats in Pune actually begin their hunt online. Pune has a very high penetration of broadband Internet usage, and this fact has worked very well for prospective home buyers.

The many property portals operating today are replete with options of properties in Pune, including in newly constructed and under construction projects as well as in the resale properties segment.

There are definitely advantages to using the online approach in the initial stages of a home search. The Internet allows a prospective homebuyer to analyze the ‘vital statistics’ of a large number of properties within one’s budget in a very short time.

Many online listings by developers and resale property owners feature photographs, as well. This helps in the visual aspect of a property search, which is a very important factor.

The various property portals that have proliferated on the Internet are helpful in knowing more about the available options in a certain location, the USPs of the area and the property pricing trends. However, relying solely on property marketing portals is a mistake. The information they provide can be incomplete and sometimes even misleading.

For instance, most home seekers scanning the Internet are often looking for the cost advantage of investing in an under-construction project. Naturally, the primary search parameter tends to be the price. However, Internet searches based solely on price, city and location can generate insufficient and skewed results.

pune properties search

Intending property buyers should be aware that while buying a flat in an under-construction project by a reputed and well-funded developer in Pune is safe, an incomplete project by an unknown builder does not offer such assurance. Also, a well-known developer’s reputation is a safety stamp for construction quality and quality internal fittings.

Property listings posted by individual brokers dealing in all sorts of properties usually do not provide this vital information. After all, disclosing details such as name of the project and its developer would kill their marketing advantage. However, it is necessary to know these details before one can make a short-list of options based on quality, investment safety as well as price.

There are, of course, exceptions to this information gap. For instance, many large real estate brokerages have exclusive project marketing mandates with reputable real estate developers in Pune. Property listings by such brokerages do tend provide all the necessary details.

Real estate marketing portal listings are usually the first search results to show up during an online property search. This is because these platforms invest heavily in search engine optimization (SEO) to attract Internet traffic.

However, no online search for an under-construction property in Pune is complete on the basis of just these results. Aspiring buyers also need to visit the websites of reputed developers in Pune to check what projects they have in the pipeline.

This route has two huge advantages. In the first place, doubts about the developer’s financial ability to complete a project and also construction quality are eliminated. Secondly, buying an under-construction property directly from a developer eliminates brokerage.

In short, make sure your online search for a property in Pune includes the websites of reputed developers.

What It Takes To Make a Green Project

Kishor PateKishor Pate, CMD – Amit Enterprises Housing Ltd.

The latest ‘green living’ projects in Pune are turning out to be the city’s most resounding response to the increasing demand for sustainable homes so far.

Green residential projects in Pune today are no longer just mere nods to the growing trend of sustainable real estate – they are the personification of this progressive trend towards a better, cleaner, greener way of life.

We now see more and more scientifically planned green projects that meet all the parameters of sustainable design, construction and operations. These projects are designed with the objective of achieving the most optimal levels of energy efficiency possible in residential projects.

The hallmarks of a genuine green living project are site sensitivity, water efficiency, energy efficiency and eco-friendliness:

Site Responsiveness:

This is a technical term that needs to be explained in plainer words. Site responsiveness means that the entire plot’s existing fertile soil has been preserved and re-used during construction process.

Another measure to ensure site responsiveness is to plant native trees around the project to ensure that the landscaping stays in perfect balance with its natural surroundings.

Often, developers of green residential projects also ensure that all exposed surfaces are designed with a reflective finish to minimize the ‘heat island’ effect. Also, to further reduce environmental impact by motor vehicle use, these projects are designed in such a manner that all basic amenities are within walking distance.

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, and they are certainly the most sustainable option for shorter distances. In response to this, the perfect green residential project will feature parking facilities that are equipped with electric charging points.

Water Efficiency:

Water efficiency in a green project means that all roof surfaces need to be provided with modern rainwater harvesting equipment, and lawn areas must be optimized to reduce water consumption.

The residential units themselves must also be provided with water efficient flush and flow fittings. 100% of the generated waste water must be treated for reuse in toilet flushes, landscaping and project maintenance.

energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency:

Air conditioning, plumbing and electric systems must stringently follow the national energy consumption code. Also, a bonafide green project will feature air conditioning units that do not require harmful chemicals like CFC and HCFC. To eliminate wasteful and energy leakage, the walls, roofs and glazed surfaces must be adequately insulated.

Photo voltaic cells need to be incorporated to handle a part of connected building load, and the entire project must be further enabled with a non-polluting and highly efficient electric backup system.

Eco-friendly Construction:

All construction materials need to be fully used on site, thereby reducing the landfill load on the city. Recycled material must be used wherever possible, and local/ regional materials need to be given preference during the construction process. During the process itself, organic and inorganic waste must be collected and treated separately.

We are now seeing increasing use of the modern Aluform construction process, which has the advantages of being recyclable, highly versatile and eminently durable.

Normal construction uses wooden panels which can be used to a maximum of 25 times before being turned into scrap, while aluminium panels can be reused up to 200 times.

The Alu-form construction technique is a major leap forward for sustainable real estate development, and the final word in green construction.

While all this sounds tedious and strange to many, the fact is that we are entering into a new age of sustainable living spaces. No cost and effort must be spared in presenting buyers with healthy, cost-efficient homes that are truly in harmony with the environment.

In the end, green homes are symbolic of mankind’s eternal quest to get back to Nature – to stop fighting against the forces that created and sustain us.

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Alu-Form Construction: Homes For All In Half The Time

Kishor Pate

Kishor Pate, CMD – Amit Enterprises Housing Ltd.

At Amit Enterprises Housing Ltd, we are engaged in a constant quest for innovative methods of delivering quality homes to our customers.

One aspect of this quest is finding and implementing new methods of cost-effective, eco-friendly, high-grade construction. We see no reason why homebuyers should compromise on quality when they approach us for homes that fit their budgets.

These factors, along with our continuing commitment to the principles and practice of sustainable development, have logically led to our adoption of Alu-Form construction technology in our projects. This extremely progressive technology is now being used in two of our projects in Pune and also one project in Nasik.

The Alu-Form system is a revolutionary innovation in construction technology that allows for the speedy, accurate and highly consistent casting of all internal and external walls, columns, beams, floor slabs, stairs and other parts of a concrete building.

It is an integrated system which merges the wall and slab panels into a seamless unit. With a drastic reduction of form-jointed sections, the end products have superior resilience to wear, tear and degradation.

The Alu-Form Construction Method

Using the building’s architectural blueprint as a guideline, highly resilient aluminium panels are pre-designed for all concrete elements of the building’s superstructure.

Alu-Form technology allows internal electrical fittings and plumbing to be incorporated with a high degree of design efficiency, and as part of the overall building plan.

This factor reduces the probability of electrical and plumbing failures. On the rare occasions when they do occur, such problems can be quickly isolated and fixed.

This contributes to the overall cost-effectiveness of owning a home constructed with Alu-Form technology. Moreover, the use of this construction technology vastly reduces the chance of on-site mishaps, making it one of the safest systems for building construction currently available.

Construction Site

Construction Site

Alu-Form construction technology involves extremely efficient, light-weight and flexible materials and cuts down on the need for messy brickwork, concrete leakage and the use of conventional, polluting construction equipment. It is therefore one of the most environmentally friendly construction techniques on the market

Significantly, Alu-Form technology puts an end to the problems of construction irregularities and asymmetrical aesthetics which plague even the best of projects. The finished units are flawlessly balanced and streamlined, providing a finished and sophisticated look and feel.

A Giant Step Towards Affordable Housing

The basic equipment used in Alu-Form construction technology can be reused over upto 300 times, which means that there is significantly reduced wastage.

The implied savings during the construction process can then be passed on to buyers into the finished product, making Alu-Form construction technology one of the most viable means of delivering budget housing in cities like Pune.

Since it involves less skilled labour and conventional construction materials, it is ideally suited for the speedy completion of affordably priced homes.

The adoption of this revolutionary construction technology is a vital step forward in making budget housing available within market-viable timelines. It will play an extremely important role in bringing India a step closer towards meeting its massive shortfall of affordable housing.

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What To Do After Selling Your Home

Kishor PateKishor Pate, CMD – Amit Enterprises Housing Ltd.

Selling one’s home is never a very easy thing to do. Usually, the four walls one is putting on the market are the frame for many fond memories, and one needs to say goodbye to the neighbours and familiar sights that have often defined many years of residence.

But over and above the emotional upset of selling a home, not keeping a record of the actual sale transaction can lead to problems later on.

Maintain a file of all documents pertaining to the property sale. This will ensure that you are able to address all future queries by the buyer, the bank involved and the municipal or tax authorities. You will especially need a seamless financial record while filing your tax returns for the year of sale.

The documents should include proof and receipts of payment for items that you had included in the sale price, including parking space, structural modifications or additions which enhanced the value of the property, society charges and property tax paid for that year. There should also be a clear record of home loan closure if you had bought the sold property by this route.

The sale of a property involves short term capital gains tax if it was sold before the three years have elapsed since the date of purchase. The tax authorities will factor in the profit you made on selling the property, consider it as regular income for that year and apply tax accordingly.

If you sold your property after three years have elapsed since its initial purchase, you will need to pay long term capital gains tax at the rate of 20% post indexation.

sell home

There are instruments such capital gain bonds available in which the profit coming from the sale of a property can be invested. These investment instruments come with a lock-in period of at least three years, and the maximum limit for investing in them is Rs. 50 lakh. Discuss all financial movements resulting out of the sale of your property with a chartered accountant and take appropriate guidance.

It is very likely that you sold your home with the intention of buying a new one with the proceeds, so start your search for a new home if you have not already located one. The proceeds of the property sale will have to be verifiably shown to have gone into the purchase of a new home within three years from the date of sale.

Though three years is by no means a short period, it makes sense to fast-track your home search if you live in a city like Mumbai or Pune. Despite all ‘informed’ market predictions, the real estate markets in these cities have proved to be remarkably resilient and property prices are rising with every passing quarter. While you should certainly not rush into buying a new home, it is wise to make a decision within a few months of selling your old one.

Whether you have moved into a newly-purchased home or a rental flat, do not neglect to update your new contact details with all banks, insurance agencies, investment firms, telephone companies and other such institutions that were corresponding with you on your old address. Also, do not rely on the new owner to keep forwarding correspondence to you indefinitely.

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