Amit’s Sereno: What Green Homes Were Meant To Be

Rajendra PateRajendra Pate, Director – Amit Enterprises Housing Ltd.

Amit’s Sereno, the latest ‘green living’ project at Baner by Amit Enterprises Housing Ltd, is Pune’s most resounding response to the increasing demand for sustainable homes so far.

Nothing is ordinary about this avant-garde and exclusive condominium project, which will feature 468 units spread over eight 15-16 storeyed blocks.

The provision of two levels of covered car parking, the swimming pools and floating clubhouse are only the beginning. The true magic at Amit’s Sereno lies in the detailed attention that was given to this project’s design. Everything about Sereno whispers freshness, rejuvenation and vitality.

The design layout concept itself was derived from the shape of a living organism cell, because this shape signifies the perfection of Nature’s design for all life. And though the entire project is embellished with lush greenery, the ‘green’ concept itself is incorporated into every aspect of the basic design.

Amit’s Sereno is not just a mere nod to the growing trend of sustainable real estate – it is the personification of this progressive trend towards a better, cleaner, greener way of life.

Amit’s Sereno has been scientifically planned to meet the most stringent parameters of sustainable design, construction and operations. Throughout, the objective was to achieve the most optimal levels of energy efficiency possible in a residential project.

These eco-friendly features ensure that Sereno is supremely site sensitive, water efficient, energy efficient and eco-friendly. In short, everything that a project of green homes in Pune can hope to be.

Site Responsiveness:

This is a technical term that needs to be explained in plainer words. At Sereno, the entire plot’s existing fertile soil has been preserved and re-used during construction process.

Moreover, native trees are being planted all around the project to ensure that Sereno’s landscaping stays in perfect balance with its natural surroundings on plot as part of landscaping.

All exposed surfaces have been designed with a reflective finish to minimize the ‘heat island’ effect. To further reduce environmental impact by motor vehicle use, the project has been designed in such a manner that all basic amenities are within walking distance.

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, and they are certainly the most sustainable option for shorter distances. The parking facilities at Sereno have therefore been equipped with electric charging points will be provided in the parking.

Finally, peripheral lighting will be kept to minimum so that the splendour of Baner’s night sky remains untainted by artificial illumination.

Water Efficiency:

All roof surfaces at Amit’s Sereno are being provided with modern rainwater harvesting equipment, and lawn areas have been optimized to reduce water consumption.

The residential units themselves are provided with water efficient flush and flow fittings, and 100% of the generated waste water will be treated for reuse in toilet flushes, landscaping and project maintenance.

Sereno at BanerEnergy Efficiency:

The project is being designed with the most modern computerized energy simulation tools, and the air conditioning, plumbing and electric system will stringently follow the national energy consumption code.

Moreover, the project will feature air conditioning units that do not require harmful chemicals like CFC and HCFC.

To eliminate wasteful and energy leakage, the walls, roofs and glazed surfaces at Sereno are completely insulated with state-of-the-art materials and construction techniques.

Photo voltaic cells are being incorporated to handle a part of connected building load, and the entire project is further enabled with a non-polluting and highly efficient electric backup system.

Eco-friendly Construction:

At Sereno, all construction materials will be fully used on site, thereby vastly reducing the landfill load on the city.

Recycled material will be used wherever possible, and local/ regional materials are being given preference during the construction process. During the process itself, organic and inorganic waste will be collected and treated separately.

Significantly, Amit’s Sereno is being constructed with the ultra-modern Aluform process, which has the advantages of being recyclable, highly versatile and eminently durable.

Normal construction uses wooden panels which can be used to a maximum of 25 times before being turned into scrap, while aluminium panels can be reused up to 200 times.

This construction technique is a major leap forward for sustainable real estate development, and the final word in green construction. Finally, the use of harmful asbestos has been completely eliminated.

These and many more features combine to make Amit’s Sereno the final word for green homes in Pune. The creation of such a project is always a labour of love, because no cost and effort is spared in presenting buyers with healthy, cost-efficient homes that are truly in harmony with the environment.

In the end, green homes are symbolic of mankind’s eternal quest to get back to Nature – to stop fighting against the forces that created and sustain us. At Amit’s Sereno, this conflict finally ends and harmony is fully restored.

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